by Olga Pankova

I provide a service where I paint on virtually any item that can be custom painted!

I custom paint bags, women’s heels, men’s formal shoes, runners,  jackets, wine and liquor bottles, candles,
fragrance bottles and cosmetic cases.

If you have a special item that you want custom painted, you have found the right person !

Please do  take the time to look at my completed work on this website.
I pay special attention to detail and take special care when working on your personal item.

My Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below should answer most of your questions regarding my work and services.

Do contact me if you have any questions on having a special item of yours custom painted by me !

BRANDS that have hired me to have their products custom painted

I have worked with Holt Renfrew, Buglari, The Bay, Nordstroms, Saks Fifth Avenue, Este Lauder, Jo Malone, Tom Ford,
111 Skin, Valmont and many other brands in customizing their top brand products. 

My details are here on my About Olga page. 

Custom Painted Canada have your personal item customized by Olga Pankova

Custom Painted Canada have your personal item customized by Olga Pankova
Frequently Asked Questions

Are some of the items on your website available for purchase ?

Yes, some of the items are available for purchase. I typically do not mass produce items.
I have carefully selected certain items for custom painting. If you are interested in a particular item please do contact me and we can discuss the costs.

Do you do an initial design or sketch for me to see before you start the work ?

Yes, I work with you in designing what will be painted.
This effort is calculated into the cost of the total project for the customization.

Do my items need to be brand new in order for them to be customized ?

Yes, it is a must for all items to be either  BRAND NEW or NEAR BRAND NEW in order for me to offer the highest quality of work possible.

I will ask you to send me a photo of the condition of your item prior to taking on the project.

If for some reason an item cannot be worked on I will advise you in advance of starting the project and the item will be return to you at your expense.

What if my item is damaged when I receive it ?

I am not liable for any damaged items due to shipping. All items are carefully inspected, protected and
documented after they have been customized prior to being shipped.

I will ask you prior to any shipping if you wish to take out insurance on your item to be returned to you.

These insurance costs will be added to the total cost of the project.

How long does it take to complete the custom work ?

The time to complete an item will depend on my current work load. Typically my projects are completed with  in 30 days.

I will provide you with a completion date estimate upon your order inquiry.


What are the costs to customize an item ?

The price of customizing any item (bag, shoes, jacket, etc.)  is based on:

  • design time,
  • the amount of time required to prepare the item for paint, 
  • paint time,
  • application of the protective finish and
  • the cost of shipping (if applicable)

Factors that I take into account when providing an estimate on the custom work.

  • Size of the artwork
  • Level of details of the artwork
  • for bags, one side or both sides
  • for shoes or boots (hightop, lowcut, size of boot)
  • for shoes/boots, how many sides (toe, back, outer, inner)
  • How much coverage for each side of the shoe, full coverage or partial

What payment methods do you accept ?

I accept Paypal, Cash,  and all forms of major Credit Cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express and Discover.

I require a 50% deposit to be made at the time of commissioning and the balance of payment upon pickup, or the balance of payment prior to shipping.

Applicable taxes will be added to your invoice.

Are you a professional artist ?

Yes, I am a professional full time artist. My details are are here: About OLGA

My other works are on these other websites and my Instagram profiles.

Portrait Art by Olga Pankova

Copper Art by Olga Pankova

Live Event Artist Olga Pankova

Live Event Artist Olga Pankova Corporate Events

Olga Pankova Instagram

Custom Painted by Olga PankovaCustom Painted by Olga PankovaOlga Pankova Custom Painted

What Paints are used ?

I use the industries best leather paints by ANGELUS.  

By using their specific surface preparation process and protective clear coat process, I am able to apply the paint on the surface of the item that will allow the item to be used with a minimal risk to cracking. 
My process also allows me to re-formulate the paints to be used on other surfaces such as cotton, plastics and glass.

Is there any warranty on your work ?

Yes, I warrant my work for 30 days. Contact me with the details. I will review your concerns. If the custom painted product was not abused, you can send in your product (postage/courior paid return) and I will attempt to repair the concerned area.

I warrant my work for 30 days on any small scratches or small nicks on any items that I have painted on, that  were in BRAND NEW condition or Nearly Brand New condition prior to the custom painting.

If there is significant damage to abuse, I will need to see photos, to determine the extent of the damage and the efforts and costs to repair the custom painted item. These costs will be determined prior to the sending of the item back to my studio.  This cost will also include the return of the item to you.

You will need to get a confirmation from me before sending of the item to my studio.

It will be your responsibility to send your items to me for the small touch-ups and also responsible for pickup or any shipping returns. If the item is being sent to me via post or courier, please ensure to have the correct amount of insurance for the shipment.