Yes, I warrant my work for 30 days. Contact me with the details. I will review your concerns. If the custom painted product was not abused, you can send in your product (postage/courior paid return) and I will attempt to repair the concerned area.

I warrant my work for 30 days on any small scratches or small nicks on any items that I have painted on, that  were in BRAND NEW condition or Nearly Brand New condition prior to the custom painting.

If there is significant damage to abuse, I will need to see photos, to determine the extent of the damage and the efforts and costs to repair the custom painted item. These costs will be determined prior to the sending of the item back to my studio.  This cost will also include the return of the item to you.

You will need to get a confirmation from me before sending of the item to my studio.

It will be your responsibility to send your items to me for the small touch-ups and also responsible for pickup or any shipping returns. If the item is being sent to me via post or courier, please ensure to have the correct amount of insurance for the shipment.